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Subject: Re: Vacant Lot on Tidewell and Tranter - Thursday p.m. message from Phil

Thank you for your service as our agent for the real estate transaction. In spite of the distance involved, you made the whole process go smoothly. It was happenstance that I was able to contact you initially and your efforts were greatly appreciated. I don't know if we will need an agent for Florida transactions in the future but we would certainly think of you first.

George & Wendy 
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Phil, the following was my email to Mr. Pruitt.  Thanks again.
Mr. Pruitt, I recently had an urgent need for a rep and my brother, Brad Page of the Savannah, Ga. Office contacted his boss who set me up through your office with Phil Rotondo.  Despite the fact that my purchase would have been small compared to most, Phil gave me above grade service.   Just as we were about to submit an offer on a property, the foreclosure motivating us was dismissed with prejudice.  Though thankful, of course, we at the moment will not proceed but we're really impressed with Phil and when we need representation or know of anyone who does, we will refer them to your office and Phil.
When so often you probably have to handle the issues or complaints of a client, we wished you to know our respect for Phil and thank Coldwell Banker for his services.    
Sincerely,  James G Page 4750 Robert St. Cocoa and Conway, NH